Special tributes to the late Earl S. McGraw, Jr.,
educator and former vice-principal of GFMS/TFHS 
 at the 2017 GMEF Annual Gala
Earl McGraw lived every moment in the name of respect, love, and justice.  He greeted students with a shout, he was never afraid to dance or sing when called for or uncalled for, and he insisted that we always see the strength and potential in every person, including ourselves, no matter how deeply it was buried.
Often noticed for his brawn, but when you got to know him, you saw that it was his huge heart and charisma that made him larger than life! Earl was a genuine, honest, kind, inspirational, one of a kind, 'Angel on Earth'. He had the ability to connect with people and knew just what to say to make them feel special.
The GMEF Gala Honors Earl McGraw in 3 Ways
A Special Tribute to Earl in the 2017 Gala Program
GMEF Board Recognizes Earl with Annual Tier-giving Contribution
Because Earl McGraw's life exemplified the GMEF mission for students -"hearing their needs and enriching their education", the GMEF Board of Directors voted unanimously to honor Earl's memory, combining their individual personal tier-giving contributions totaling $1000 for 'The Einstein Club'. This money will be awarded in future grants.
A Special Tribute during the concert will be made to honor Earl
The GMEF Annual Tier-giving Campaign runs March 1 - April 14, 2017.
There are 6 Club levels for contributors - The Einstein ($1000); The Michelangelo ($500);
The Galileo ($200); The DaVinci ($100); The Newton ($50); and Patron (other amount).
All donors (individuals/groups) are acknowledged in the program. 
Donors making tier-giving contributions of $100 or more will be recognized on an engraved plate on the 2017 plaque displayed outside the theater.
To make a contribution ~~ Tier-giving Forms