Who We Are


Board of Directors
Marie Putala, President
Marty Espinola, Vice-President
Carol Gloski, Treasurer
Joyce Phillips, Assistant Treasurer
Sue Hastings, Secretary/Clerk
Members of the Board of Directors
 Represent Administration, Staff, Students, Parents and Community
Kris Boyle
Nancy Daniel-Green
Marty Espinola
Carol Gloski
Sue Hastings
Syna Katsoulis, Student Rep.
Jane Oakes
Marie Putala
Joyce Phillips
'Friends' of the GMEF 
Chris Boyle
Doug Brown
Mary Lynne Brown
Amy Eichorn
Jessica Fox
Kelly Gobeil 
Barbara Kuklewicz
Jennifer Luciano
Bob Miner
Tina Phillips
Heidi Schmidt
Riley Wood
Sherry Wood