October 2005

The Mice from Outer Space - Sheffield - Grades 3-6 A musical developed around the School Improvement Plan & Responsive Classroom

The Mag-Hawk - an ARTS Magazine" - GFMS — Grs 7&8

Taste of the World - TFHS/Life Skills 

Rock Climbing Adventure —Sheffield - 3rd Grade 

Technology/engineering in the Mass Curriculum Frameworks - Grades 6-9

Understanding Habitats in our Community — Hillcrest - PreK-2 In partnership with the Hitchcock Center and the Great Falls Discovery Center 

The Sawmill River Project —Montague Center Grades K-3 In collaboration with the Hitchcock Center Students will continue their study of the environment. 

The Watershed Project —Gill - K-6 Scientist in-residence will work with students & staff to design and implement a unit of study on the Connecticut River 

Focus On Books — GFMS - Grade 8 Students will identify criteria, develop rubrics for effective book reviews and develop scripts to create presentations to promote a chosen book. Presentations will be video taped and broadcast on school network.

Video Production — 8 week After School Program for GFMS students. Basics of video communication and production. 

Field Trip to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston     World Language — TFHS — Grs 9-12

January 2006

Identity: My Perspective Here & Now - GFMS & Hillcrest Elementary Serving English Language Learners, using George Ella Lyon’s poem “Where I’m From” and photography provide students with the opportunity to express to themselves, their peers and their community how they perceive their identities here and now. Students are from Tibet, Moldova, Puerto Rico and the Ukraine. 

SheffieldSchool Earth Week - Grs 3-6 Expand their 10 year program working the Hitchcock Center. They will add an educational focus aligned with the Mass curriculum frameworks in life science. 

You Gotta Have Art — Montague Center - Grs. K-3 Grant will support the artist-in-residence, on a weekly basis providing an integration of the arts into the general curriculum of each class. "The Wizard of Galafree" — Gill School - Grs.K-6 A musical including all students in singing, dancing and performing aspects of the play. The project will foster an appreciation of various forms of art.


February 2006

Cheerleading    20 - Shakers (pom-poms) & $100 for competitions in the Spring 

Nature’s Classroom Newspaper - Gill School - Gr. 6 Develop a newspaper on recent field trip 

Video Editing Computer — GFMS students in conjunction with LA Teacher for book report projects. 

Wellness II — TFHS seniors will be making exercise videos with assistance from the video production class. 

Soccer Uniforms — TFHS Boys Varsity 

Remote Operated Vehicles — TFHS project with physics and honors chemistry


April 2006

Pond Probe — Hillcrest School — First Grade -- Field Trip to Northfield Mtn. 

Buggy About Books -- Hillcrest School - Grades 1-2-3

Incredible Insects" -- Hillcrest School - Grade 2

Topographical Research Project — GFMS - Life Skills

Children of Uganda - Field Trip — GFMS Gr 8"Electrolysis & Wind: Renewable Energy Project" — TFHS Honors Chemistry