February 2011 

Choreographer for the TFHS/GFMS Musical - supporting 45 students for their spring play

Clay –to complete a project using clay, glaze, pottery wheels, and the kiln for the GFMS - Grades 7&8.  Each grade level will have a specific task:  Gr. 7 will complete a ‘future box’ and Gr. 8 will complete an ‘ugly’ mug
Community Service Trip to Kentucky -TFHS- transportation for the 10 students to Kentucky to complete a community service project   Students will have the opportunity to compare/contrast their community with the community in Kentucky
Exhausting’ Science Project – provides equipment for 26 TFHS student study the Carbon Dioxide emissions coming from the cars that are driven to TFHS.  It will provide an understanding of human impact on the global carbon cycle
Eyes on Owls - students at Gill Elementary will learn about owl characteristics, their habitat, and their food
Investigating Renewable and Non-renewable Energy Sources - Montague Elementary Grade 5 students will participate in a workshop on renewable and non-renewable energy sources with a guest instructor from the Hampshire Ed. Collaborative.  They will look at simple generators, solar collectors, wind mills, and water wheels.  It will increase the students’ awareness of the effect of their carbon footprint 
Pioneer Valley Symphony Orchestra Concert---Montague and Gill Elementary---All fourth Grade students (77) will hear, first hand, the instruments that make up an orchestra.  They will complete the symphony curriculum before attending
They Love them to Pieces---GFMS/TFHS Library—All GFMS students.  Funds for the Librarian to replace many favorite books!  Being in constant circulation, the books do show wear and tear over time
Third Grade Trip to Old Sturbridge Village - MontagueElementarySchool - 60 third graders will have their Social Studies curriculum come to life by visiting a replica of an early village in Massachusetts
Turners Falls High School Mural Project - TFHS 32 students in Grs 9-12 - Two current events classes and a painting class will team up to paint murals in the cafeteria.  They will incorporate art from various regions of the world and use differing styles of art.  This activity will help develop a stronger sense of community for the students
"The Who Are We?” Renaissance, Children as Environmentalists - Montague Elementary School---Preschool – grade 5.   This grant will allow the students to ‘study junk’.  The art curriculum will be tied with the ‘source to sea’ clean up project at the Connecticut River.  The culminating activity will be their Spring Art Show titled “Who Are We? Renaissance”
October 2010

Continuing Ceramics —TFHS — 70 students - This grant will allow the Art Teacher to purchase additional clay and glaze to support extra 3 sections of ceramics this year.

Encounter-Who are we? The Stories Faces Tell - Montague Elementary School PreK — 5. This grant will provide a partnership of all classes. Students will spend time learning together about writing, media/arts/photography and personal artifacts. This will be a year long process. This is an activity to bridge the 2 buildings of Montague Elementary School

Exploring Light -- Montague Elementary School 4th grade — 60 Students - This grant will enable teachers to each make a science kit on the subject of LIGHT. The text they currently use is very limited in this study.

Exploring the Slopes of Berkshire East - all seniors - This grant will give them an opportunity to explore a lifelong activity: Ziplining and will provide a safe environment for a student to ”try out’ Ziplining at a greatly reduced rate.

Field Trip to Harvard Forest - Gill Elementary School — 21 students Grade 2 & 18 students Grade 6 - This grant will allow Grade 2 to explore Harvard Forest and enrich their learning of forest habitats. For Grade 6, it will allow them to continue their study of the Eastern Hemlock and the invasive Hemlock Woolly Adelgid.

I can read! I can read! — Montague Elementary - Grade 3 — 18-20 students This grant will purchase an IPod and gift card to purchase books to download. This project would provide timid readers a chance to listen to books on audio. This IPod can be hooked up to a listening center so that small groups of children can listen at one time. [Allows for continuous listening — CD players go back to beginning each time.]


Life Skills Karate Class —TFHS - 12-15 students in the Life Skills Class This grant will provide them an opportunity to be part of an athletic group of their own because their limitations prevent them from participating in the regular sports programs.This grant grew out of the interest the students had when they had a guest karate instructor volunteer some time to work with them!

Music of our Hearts: A musical journey around the world - Montague Elementary school---. PreK -5 - 25 ELL students - This grant would provide an opportunity to host a multicultural event for the entire school community.

Overnight Book Bags-Montague Elementary School - 51 Students - This grant will provide money to supply canvas bags for Grade 1 classrooms approximately and the paint supplies to decorate their own bags. These bags would be used to carry books home and to practice reading these books at home and then returning them to school!

Rise Up - Cakes for Kids---TFHS---Grades 9-12 Rise Up Classes — 33 students -. This grant will provide materials to bake birthday cakes for children living in homeless shelters. They will also be baking cupcakes for the Griffin’s Friends, (an organization providing support for children receiving treatment for cancer at Baystate Medical Center ) baking cupcakes for children to eat post-treatment. They also hope to raise some of their money by holding bake sales through out the year. In addition, they use ”guest baker’ and the assistance of the bakers at Second Street Baking Company.