Diverse Picture Book Library  - Hillcrest Pre-k-Gr 1 This  grant will allow for the Librarian to purchase additional diverse picture books for the Hillcrest Library.  This is an expansion of the Diverse Book initiative that has been started at Hillcrest School.
Pioneer Valley Symphony - Gill Elementary and Sheffield Elementary - Grades 3 & 4  This grant will allow Susan King to reserve a bus for the students in order to attend the Pioneer Valley Symphony workshop for students in Grades 3 and 4.  The goal is to provide the students with an understanding of the instruments played in an orchestra.  She is also getting funds from the Big Yellow School Bus grant.
Sensory Pathways— Hillcrest Pre-k-Gr 1   This grant will allow for purchase of stickers to make a motor pathway in the halls.  It will provide a more regulated path for students who need extra movement during the school day.  It will incorporate sensory pathways that children might be lacking, thus hindering their readiness for learning.
Sheffield Second Grade Trip to see Frozen Jr - Sheffield--Gr 2    This grant will provide tickets and transportation to see the Play at The Ja’Duke Theater.  This performance is part of the Performances
For Young People series which includes curriculum and detailed, engaging lesson plans that directly apply to several ELA and Science Standards for learning at the Grade 2 level.
Straw Rockets – Engineering Design - GFMS  - Grade 7  This grant will provide funds to purchase equipment and materials to carry out the project.



FALL 2019

Anthony Valentine-Inspirational Speaker—TFHS 9-12 & Gr 8 This grant will allow for the student body to hear a motivational speech to help inspire students to push themselves to achieve their greatest possibilities. He will speak about creating one’s identity and to be proud of who they are.  Follow-ups will be conducted in their CPR and advisory lessons.
Bilingual Poetry Project—15 students—TFHS--gr 6-12 This grant will allow the ELL students an opportunity to write and perform poetry with the theme of Crossing Boundaries.  The money will be used for the printing of the students’ books.             
Book Nooks for Social Emotional Learning in Early Education—Hillcrest—all grades   This grant will allow for purchase of books to enhance the social emotional learning of the students.   These book nooks would be available to teachers etc, to be used in their mini lessons/guided reading lessons on these social topics. 
Miss Math +Music—TFHS--Gr 9-12    This grant will allow for purchase of guitars to enhance an after school activity for female students.  It would help the students to stay after for academic support in math and the reward would be the music interest of the student(s).-, making the math/music connection. 
Tangible Learning with OSMOs—Hillcrest—PreK& K    This grant will allow for purchase of 6 OSMO kits to be used with iPads.  Because there is a camera involved, the students are also able to use manipulatives with the iPads instead of just “clicking and swiping”.  The software also has a tracking ability of individual progress. 
Teaching for Diversity Lending Library—Hillcrest—whole school. This grant will allow for purchase of books to create a lending library of anchor texts and to provide parent workshops about the topics of the books.