Spring 2018
Building Bridges – Sheffield – (53) Grade 2 students  This grant will allow for the purchase of K'NEX Education Bridges sets and books to enhance the sets and theme.  Math and Reading are the primary curriculum areas this grant will expand on.
Building Successful Game Playing Social Skills – Hillcrest (4) students   This grant will allow the teacher to purchase games that will enhance game playing social skills in the therapeutic classroom.
Grade Four Field Trip – Sheffield - (57) Grade 4 students   This Grant will allow admission for a performance at UMASS entitled Air Play.  The show combines Science (physics) and Art and will give the students an experience where the science will come to life through body and objects used.
Old Deerfield Field Trip -- Sheffield - (72) Grade 5 students   This grant will supplement funds for the 5th grade to travel to Old Deerfield to participate in a program regarding the life of Lucy Terry Prince, a slave who lived in Deerfield.  This connects with their Social Studies curriculum.
Seventh Grade Field Trip – GFMS - (95) students This grant will help supply funds for a field trip to Brownstone Park in CT.  The students will be engaged in working as teams or individuals to complete hiking and water obstacles.
Shea Theater Field Trip to see “The Box” - Hillcrest--- (130) Kindergarten and first grade students  This grant would provide a “live” show experience which will tie into their Science Curriculum through inquiry based learning.
Storytelling Performance -- Hillcrest---whole school (165) students   This grant will allow for a storyteller to perform at Hillcrest as part of the literacy curriculum. It will be an engaging literary experience which will encourage students to read and make connections across literature.
TFHS Student Council Trip to the annual Leadership Conference -– TFHS -13 St. Council members.  This grant will help fund the attendees’ trip to the conference in Hyannis. Networking and leadership skills are two of the important goals the students will engage in.  They will bring their newly acquired skills back to TFHS and implement them within the school community.
Fall 2017
 Balancing Movement and Focus --  GFMS Grade 8  The grant will allow for the purchase of Inflated Air1filled Stability Balance Disc cushions for those students who have a hard time maintaining attention in a school setting.  It allows for movement of the student without classroom disruptions.
Book Club -- GFMS 15 students  The Grant will allow the librarian to start a book club with A Wrinkle In Time.  The book will be discussed to strengthen and support the culture of reading.  Students will watch the movie version and then discuss, compare/contrast both media.
Craft Club -- GFMS [8 - 10 students] in Gr. 6, 7, and 8 The grant will allow the Middle School Art teacher to begin an after school Craft Club, an idea brought forth by her students.  She has some definite ideas for some projects, however, she also wants the present students to have some input.  The budget is for material to sustain the projects.
Fifth Grade Field Trip to New England Aquarium - Gill Grade 5 (19 students)  The grant will help supplement their money for visiting the aquarium in the Spring after studying Marine Animal Adaptations in Science.
Student Council Team Building with Adventure In Adventure   Out - GFMS Student Council (20 ST C. Members) The grant would allow the group to participate in a Team-Building Day.  The activity will show the efforts of working together and hopefully these students will "spread the wealth".
Wordless Picture Books for the Family Lending Library--Hillcrest  K -1 (10) students  The grant will allow for wordless picture books to be purchased and used in class and with families.  The wordless books will allow vocabulary development, sequencing, and  reconstructing the story. It will be a great tool to use at home where many parents do not speak English. They can participate in the story with their children, in their native tongue! Thus enhancing the same goals for the parents and their children!