February 2008

CGI Computer Graphic Equip. - TFHS (all students who take the courses) - the software allows student to create three-dimensional models, animate the models, and integrate them into video productions; helps prepare students for a career in multimedia design and expose them to the possibilities offered to them through the potential of a home computer; reinforces math skills, visual acuity, technology skills involving measurement, drafting and drawing

Culinary Arts meets Science - GFMS 8th grade (90 students) - The making of ice cream focuses on phase changes of matter and properties of matter. Class work and homework assignments support the activity.

Curators in Community - Sheffield - Chip Wood- grades 3-5 (150 students) - An artist in residence will work with Nancy Meagher to produce art work visibility in the community; focus on drawings of local buildings and landmarks; students create a traveling exhibit that can be displayed in various downtown venues. Grant request is for brochures to be available at each site of the traveling exhibit.

Exploration with Technology - Calculators for MCAS math prep class, grade 10

Exploring the River Around Us - Gill School- Bill McDonald- K-6 (105 students) Enchanted Circle Theater will integrate theater arts with a focus on the Connecticut River and related themes of animal adaptations, habitat, industry, geology and conservation; a professional development workday will be held to support this; students will develop three short dramatic plays based on the researched information.

Incredible Insects - Hillcrest, grade 2 students (52 students) - Eileen Tucker- Northfield Mt. program and field trip to study, collect, and observe life cycle and habitats of insects.

2008 Literature - 2008 Award Winners for Young People's Literature- GFMS/TFHS, grades 6-12- Diane Hirtle- Purchase of award winning books, diversity in authors. Some correlate with TFHS social studies outside reading assignments.

Plant/Animal Life Cycles - Montague Center School- Wendy Mieczkowski- K-3 (75 students) - Field trip to Magic Wings as part of an all-school science program of the Sawmill River, animals, habitats and life cycles

Pond Life - Hillcrest-Betsy Burnham, 1st grade (37 students)- Northfield Mt. program study of pond life and field trip; students observe, catch and draw pond life.

Spring on the Farm - Hillcrest - Cheryl Robertson- kindergarten (47 students)- field trip to Red Gate Farm in Buckland, and study of life on a farm in the spring season; study of animals and plants and life cycle.

TFHS/GFMS Band uniforms - Grant would help pay for 45 summer shirts embroidered with logo

Turners Falls Cooking Club - TFHS any grade (10-15 students) -Three Bridges to the Future interns want to donate time for this club. The club will develop students' cooking and shopping skills, study local foods, healthy menu planning, ingredients used in different cultures, and kitchen safety.

Woven Paper Quilts - Hillcrest/Sheffield - Grades 2 and 3 (97 students) - Students will make five large woven paper quilts to be displayed at Sheffield next fall, as unification of the two schools.

October 2007

Eric Carle Author Study and Field Trip - Sheffield School First graders field trip to the Eric Carle Museum will be the culminating event for the author study of Eric Carle. The trip includes time and instruction in the gallery and an opportunity to create a piece of art in the art studio.
Luau in Hawaii - TFHS This grant provides the experience of a luau as part of a science and marketing trip to Hawaii . The luau integrates history and culture, and features sources of the culture and food. Students will be asked to identify marketing techniques and formulate theories on how theHawaiian Luau helps drive the Hawaiian economy.
World Language Peace Panels - Sheffield All students will create eight peace panels using acrylic paint on canvas to be displayed in the Sheffield auditorium. Each of the eight will portray the word "Peace” written in a different world language. Each student will create a self-portrait which will be on the primed canvas; there will be one banner per class. All-school activities will be included in the project, such as incorporating the values of respect and community. 
Water Plant and Animal Study - Montague Center School Students are studying the Saw Mill River, Lake Wyola, and the school pond and the relationship between water sources and plant/animal life. The studies will be followed by a trip to the Northfield Environmental Center for a study with an educational program naturalist.
Using Music to Enhance the Success of Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders - Hillcrest Primary The students in the Alternative Learning Program use music as a way to maximize the academic, social and behavioral success. Musical instruments purchased will enhance the use of music and allow students to participate using these different types of instruments. The instruments include, among others, tambourine, triangle, bongos, finger cymbals, recorder, bell set, rhythm sticks, large talking drum, and xylophone. 
Upkeep is Important in Libraries, Too - GFMS/TFHS Books purchased are continuations of series that are well-establish in the library, as well as up-to-date books in reference sets and a book on middle school math phobia.“Social Studies 3-1” - TFHS The social studies department will buy a scanner-color copier-color printer for the department to use to produce supplemental materials that enhance the social studies lessons and can be used repeatedly. Old documents, maps, diagrams and charts can be scanned for students each to have a copy. The color printer and copier allows the department to print colored charts, maps and diagrams, since black-and-white render many of the documents useless. 
Girls' Varity Soccer Uniforms” - TFHS Soccer Team New uniforms were purchased to replace very old uniforms the girls' soccer team has been using.
Field Trip to Museum of Fine Arts - TFHS French and Spanish classes will take a trip to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.* Students will be able to see the art they studied in humanities classes and will bring to life pieces of art examined only in books. Students will make cross-cultural connections so they can understand how artists' works reflect the culture of the time. * This trip is contingent on matching funds from another source