February 2009
Appalachia Community Service Trip - TFHS - 18 students   Students will travel to Kentucky for 6 days as part of a US Government class.  Students have been studying poverty, and the impact individuals' actions can have in the world.   While there, the students will integrate themselves into the community.   Students will follow up with a community night in which students present their experiences to members of the community.  Funding is requested to help with transportation
Art Exhibition Preparation - TFHS - all art students [150/per year]   Materials are for students to prepare their work for art presentations in exhibits as a way to involve parents and community. 
Bill Nye Video Enrichment for Physics Class – TFHS -   35-40 students/year      Purchase of Bill Nye physics videos to enrich the curriculum.  The project helps support the district goals of using all types of teaching styles and tools to engage students.  Students will write down what they have learned after viewing the video, and the material in the video will be used for some questions on quizzes.        
Boston Adventure – GFMS - 7th grade - 76 students   Provide transportation for a field trip to inspire a sense of community amongst the students.  Educational goals are to learn about the history of Boston and the role of Boston in the country's growth as a nation.  
Broadway Classroom - TFHS,   42 music students  A workshop through Broadway Classroom will give students a chance to work with Broadway musicians.  Request is for fees for the workshop. 
Clay for Class – GFMS - 100 students   Art teacher will purchase clay to round out the media she already uses.  They will construct functioning whistles,   hand-made pottery and pottery made with the potter's wheel.  This will fit with a study of the historical aspects of sculpture. 
Global Arts:  Chinese Acrobats - GFMS - 6th grade - 78 students   As part of the study of and Chinese culture, students will take a field trip to see the National Acrobats of China.  
Pond Probe/Northfield Recreation Area - Sheffield - 1st grade – 60 students    As part of the science curriculum, students will study the water cycle and pond life.  Funds are for registration fees, bus transportationand photography.


October 2008

Boston in Our Eyes - TFHS - 5 ELL students Day trip to Boston to experience a typical American city rich with US history

Can-Do Science – Gill – 16 students 6th grader Equipment for hands-on science curriculum for on-going support of Nature's classroom and environmental activities

Equipment for Social and Multicultural Diversity Development in Kindergarten – Gill - 13 students Dolls and puppets which expose the students to different cultures, customs, families, traditions This activity coordinates with the reading curriculum.

Field Trip to Mystic Seaport – Gill - 16 students 5th grade Field trip to Mystic Seaport to study maritime history

Field Trip to Arza Colleges/dance and Science – GFHS (97) 8th graders Bus for field trip to visit colleges, attend dance performance and tour the Pratt Museum, which will expose students to the arts and to get them to think beyond high school

Heifer International – GFMS - 81 students 6th grade Bus and fees to participate in a field study offered by Heifer International ("Ending Hunger; Caring for the Earth"); visit to a Global Village in Rutland, MA. Study is also of population and resource distribution, volunteerism.

Legos in the Classroom - GFMS - 8 Life Skill Students Purchase of legos for use in all parts of the academic and life skills curriculum.

Montague Bike Path Curriculum- Sheffield Elementary 62 grade 1 students Stipend for presenter and transportation to teach students about their community and environment through a bike trip on the bike path from the Discovery Center in TF to the Masonic Lodge in Montague City several phases of this project include students developing artwork, maps, writing.

Positively Plants – Gill Elementary - 35 students grades 1 and 2 Stipends to outside presenters for a series of plant study sessions to be held throughout the year. Studies include life cycles, pollination, the importance of soil, what plants provide to people.

Reading with Professional Readers: Books on CD – GFMS – (97) 8th grade students Purchase of books on CD to be used with the sets of listening center CD players in the LA class. Students are able to practice reading along with a CD, a strategy for improving reading, and promoting enjoyment of reading. This helps to maximizes class time by engaging the students in reading while teacher takes turns with other, different level readers.

Self-Regulation Space – Hillcrest - 105 students PreK and K Equipment/ allows children to explore with their bodies and enhance learning through movement through sensory integration. This equipment would help developing children who need to use their sensory and motor systems in order to respond appropriately.

Step Up to Success – TFHS - 10 students grades 9-12 alternative program Fees and transportation to Morse Hill, a high and low ropes course, which promotes confidence, group cooperation, trust, expression of feelings, which are some primary goals of the alternative learning program.

Skiing and Snowboarding at Berkshire East - TFHS – (30/40) 12th grade students This is a grant is for a field trip to Berkshire East in February, which supports our PE's philosophy of developing a healthy lifestyle through a variety of activities.